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Frequently Asked Questions

Web sites are all over the internet for $199! Why pay more?
One of the problems for companies is that the cheap web site offers rarely appear high in the search engine listings since most of the 'quickie' and 'cheap' web sites are software - not programmer - generated. A programmer can design and code a web site for search engine 'readability' which software cannot do.

How long does it take to have a company web site up and running?
Three to four weeks or longer.

Our web site is almost last on the search engines. What can we do?
Please see our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) information.

I saw a web site template for sale that I really like. Can you put my company's info on it?
Yes. We will also make sure that the template is Search engine friendly.

What are the net's biggest search engines?
There are three search engines which have high net usuage: Google, MSN and Yahoo! although there are thousands of search engines on the internet.

Do you do one page birthday or wedding album sites?
Yes. Whatever you want, we can do it.

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