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Authority Web Sites
“Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization for BC businesses”
continued from The New SEO

Web sites that have longevity with search engines are considered authority web sites. These, like which is one of the oldest web sites in the history of the internet, can bring a real boost to any web site that represents on its web pages. has always represented everything BC and came up with the novel idea to boost small businesses on its own site with advertising that would

  • Bring a wider spectrum of search terms for a small business on the internet to that small business web site with an advertising presence on the site
  • Build and convert the web site's visitors to BC small business web sites

Longevity among the search engines is vital for effective SEO implimentation and certainly has that prestigious distinction.

The innovative approach of making senior, important web sites to major search engines accessible to small businesses in British Columbia is not only a SEO coup for a small business, it is also a big plus for online visitors who want to find products or services in British Columbia. has always been a web site about BC and the BC community with the advent of the internet. It makes sense that promoting BC small businesses would be beneficial to all and a trend that will spread to other provinces and municipalities.

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